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The Truth About Cell Phones

  1. Good day, competition
    The first mobile phone call was made by the CEO of Motorola, although only a few individuals know when he called. The invitation was specifically sent to Joel S. Engle, director of Bell Labs, Motorola’s main competitor at the time.
  2. Elegant and with a style that dazzle!

The phone used for the first call, DynaTac, was neither small nor light. This Motorola model has a length of 23 centimeters and a “thickness” of 13 cm, not to mention a weight of 1.1 kilograms. Dynatec required 10 hours to charge, and the battery life was cut in half after only half an hour of operation.

  1. You may be surprised to learn that streaming music is far older than you believe.

You probably assumed that streaming music was a relatively new phenomenon. That isn’t the case at all. In 1897, the first phone service for transmitting music was established. Telharmonium was the name of the service, and it worked by allowing the user to contact the service and have music played live 24 hours a day.

  1. The first smartphone was IBM Simon.

The IBM Simon was the first smartphone, released in 1993. It was the first PDA gadget on the market to handle phone calls.

PDAs were huge at the time, but they were the first personal assistants. Surprisingly, Navigator was the name of the interface, which was a touch screen. She was capable of making phone calls, as well as managing emails and faxes. It wasn’t a great hit, but it was the beginningā€¦.

  1. Make a phone call instead of sending an SMS

Calls are preferred over messages by the general public. As confirmation of this, it should be noted that the first SMS emerged about twenty years after the first mobile phone call. In 1992, Vodafone sent the first SMS, which was sent by Neil Papworth to Richard Jarvis, the company’s director. “Merry Christmas,” said the message. By the way, the first SMS was sent from a computer; at the time, mobile keyboards only contained numbers.